Hello, my name is Nicole Kandi

Services that I offer:

graphic design • photography • photo editing and retouching • prop styling • social media management • event design • bottle etching

What I've designed:

logos • magazine ads • packaging • marketing collateral • booklets • album covers • web graphics • social media posts • forms • emails • t-shirts • stickers •

I've done work for:

OOLA Distillery • The Kareem Kandi World Orchestra • national and local clients through Dandy Co.

I'm a graphic designer, photographer, stylist, and social media marketer in Seattle, Washington.

I currently spend my days at OOLA Distillery, where they call me the Creative Brain (CB for short). I work as an in-house photographer, graphic designer, social media marketer, salesroom manager, brand ambassador and occasional event planner.

Check out my work on OOLA's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

My work has been appeared in Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide, Gray Magazine, Marie Claire, Whisky Advocate